NFL App Reviews

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Dig it

Like that I can check stats when ever and stream is nice when out and about.

Just updated: no audio

This has never been a problem. Tonight, during TNF, I updated to watch away from the tv, and even after restarting, still no audio. +1 for good video though.

Wont download

On 17 Nov 2016 there has been an upgrade to this app which continually goes thru the little circle filling as it downloads and then there is a message that it wont download. About 10 other apps successfully downloaded today.

Games on iPad

Really would like to watch games on iPad, were half-way thru the season guys, its just a bigger screen. Im sure were paying for it somehow

Best National Football League news

I really like this app!!


If you cant watch the games at home, this is perfect for latest NFL news and games. If you have Verizon you can also watch games live.

Great App!!!

I love it!!! Come on Man!!!

Way cooler than I though.

I had no idea how much content was on here. The ability to look for content pertaining to your favorite team was awesome. Also to have what seems to be a whole online network with its own shows is awesome. I only saw that for a moment so I may have that wrong. Either way this is my new go to for NFL content.

Has everything

Great app. Has standing, game schedules, stats, game recaps, wildcard potentials..its a great free app

Notifications are not working!!!!!!!

The notifications to the teams I want to be told the scoring are not being shown. Worst app to follow scores unless you open the app and look at live. Even then sometimes it lags. NFL apps are just bad period. Took a step down.

Too bad

Lotta coin to not be able to watch a live game. Wont renew.

Verizons best app

I definitely recommend if you have Verizon wireless

Volume issues

The volume during the games is extremely low while the commercials blast loudly. Fix this issue. The max game volume is not loud enough.

Cant even see highlights.

Too many Adds when watching any highlights. I see one highlight and after one a Ad and then a highlight and then a Ad and it takes forever to finish seeing all of it. Ill be using YouTube or espn and with out ads...

Used to be good

This used to be a great app, still has a great layout. But now its unusable it crashes every time I open it. This has been going on for months now and they havent fixed the bugs.

2nd stringers as usual

Always seems to be a couple of years behind where it could be.

Issues plagued season

First few weeks Red zone wasnt working. After that was resolved game pass audio is not working. What a waste of money this season on the app. Utter rubbish. Fix issues quicker please. NFL is a multi billion dollar company. They should be able to keep their systems running without as many issues as Ive had this season.


So I only use the app for its basic functions, but it works very well especially for scoring updates and notifications.

NFL Mobile

Have a hard time trying to watch games. Keep cutting off. Slow loading.

Hiding scores

Love how you can hide scores but when game is final and went to O/T, why write Final/OT? It gives a key part of the game away before you watch it! I know before I watch that this game will end up tied, let me find out for myself! Thats my reason for 4/5 stars! Fix that, I fix my rating to 5/5!

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